Announcing Option Archery and Sale of Trophy Taker

Announcing Option Archery and Sale of Trophy Taker

Yes, it is true......I sold part of my business. Trophy Taker is a company that started in my living room chair and on my kitchen table almost 20 years ago.

As of June 6, I sold the Trophy Taker brand name along with the Arrow Rest and Broadhead lines to Arcus Hunting. I will continue to design products in these two lines for Trophy Taker as we move forward.

I am keeping my Sights and Quivalizer and using them as the flagship products to kick off my new company OPTION ARCHERY, it will be a new adventure that I am excited about. We are in the process of finishing up creative, and I will definitely be keeping you all in the loop as we finish up.

Both Trophy Taker and Option Archery will be operating out of my building in Plains Montana for the next few months, and you will be dealing with the same great crew you have been. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!



Option Archery

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March 18, 2017

Hello Dan,
I own a Platinum option 8 sight with four fixed and one moveable pin. It’s the perfect sight with only one draw back is the moveable pin is not very bright. Are you selling a replacement with more fiber or do have any more ideas? Thanks for your time

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