S-Series Option Sight Upgrade Notes

S-Series Option Sight Upgrade Notes

S-Series Option Sight Upgrades have been installed on your Option Sight

Installed Upgrades Include: New Fixed Pin System; includes machined 7075 aluminum straight fixed pins, machined aluminum pinguard, and new molded fiber guard. New Machined Fiber Guard for the mover pin, includes glow in the dark insert.

Notes for Fixed Pin Adjustment:

1. DON’T OVER-TIGHTEN ADJUSTMENT SCREWS: The new Fixed Pins adjust in a double track system, this is a tight tolerance system, it is very important that you don’t overtighten the adjustment screws.

2. POSSIBILITY OF FLEX IN PIN TRACKS: The double track system makes it possible for the center bar (between the two tracks) to flex some if pins are tightened all in one track before the ones in the other track are tightened. We recommend always running pins so they alternate tracks every other pin (this is the way they are assembled by us), for example the 20, 40, and 60 pins are in the first track and the 30 and 50 pins are in the 2nd track (on the Option 6s). If pins are tightened only in one track, before the other track, the center bar between the tracks can slightly “squeeze” the opposite track which makes the pin(s) in that track very hard to adjust. This can also allow the pins in the first track to “over-rotate” which makes the pins not be parallel.

OPTION 8s NOTE: because the oval pinguard housing (used for the Option 8s) has longer pin tracks, this flex can become more of an issue in this model, once again…..this is not an issue as long as sight pin adjustment screws are not over-tightened! It is a good policy to hold the pin steady with your finger while tightening the screw, this makes sure it maintains its position exactly parallel to the other pins while the screw locks it into position.

3. CORRECT WAY TO ADJUST THE FIXED PINS: because of the snug fit, it may be necessary to loosen the lockdown screw a couple full turns, then push on the screw (using your allen wrench) to push the pin slightly out of the bottom of the pin track before it will slide easily in the track. Please contact us with any questions!

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