Sight Lights

Option Archery Sights can utilize Sight Lights in two positions; the first position on each sight is a screw-in light adapter that positions the light to illuminate the fixed pins (on the top of the fiber guard).  The 2nd light position is on the machined fiber guard for the mover pin, here the light screws into the bottom of the fiber guard and lights only the mover pin.  Lights can be used in just one of the positions, or two lights can be used with one in each location.

Each light comes with a screw-in machined adapter installed that fits the 1/4-28 threads on the Option Sights.  The adapter can be removed to screw into a 3/8-32 also.  Lights include batteries.

 NOTE: Option Archery did not design these lights and we do not produce them, we only produce the adapters to make them fit our Sights.   The Lights do not carry our lifetime warranty but we do warranty them for 30 days from date of purchase.  The Light adapter has our lifetime warranty.

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