Brian Luallen

Trophy Taker Hunting Pro Staff Brian Luallen


Brian Luallen lives in Indiana. He started hunting at the age of 17 with a few good friends. After harvesting a 7-point buck with his rifle, Brian was hooked on hunting! He soon started archery hunting, and after 27 years of hunting with a bow, he has been successful in harvesting several nice whitetail deer, including a 161" 9 pt in 2009, a 168" 12 pt in 2010, and a 138" 10 pt in 2011.

After hunting seasons were over, Brian continued to shoot at 3D tournaments to become a more accurate hunter. As he improved at the tournaments, Brian started attending national tournaments where he shoots in the semi-pro class. "My accomplishments in archery are not measured by what I have won, but by what I've learned and what I've passed on to others to help them be successful, too," says Brian.

Brian is currently sponsored by Trophy Taker, Inc, Mathews Archery, Carbon Express, Copper John, Doinker and Zebra Twist Bowstrings.

"The greatest thing about my hunting/archery career is all of the great people I have had the chance to meet over the last 27 years!"