Darrell "Ponch" Nunez

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Darrell Nunez


Darrell grew up in a small town in central California hunting and fishing with his family at a young age. He shot my first deer at the age of 12. Even though he lived close to the mountains, he knew he wanted to move to a state that offered more hunting and fishing opportunities.

In the early 80's he had a chance to move to Idaho. There he became more serious about archery. He loves to compete in 3D and indoor shoots. In 2004, he was named Idaho State Bowhunter of the Year. His passion is elk and deer hunting, but also loves to hunt turkeys, waterfowl and upland birds. He was a professional big game guide for several years in several western states, Old Mexico and Illinois.

He has been a IBEP Bowhunter Ed Instructor for over 12 years. He has been active in local and state bowhunting organizations for years and served on the Pope and Young Conservation Board. He also helped with the Hunt Of A Lifetime organization as well as other youth oriented hunts and events. These have been the most rewarding hunts he has participated on. He also enjoys doing seminars and competing in calling contests.

He works in Alaska for a mining contractor, handling explosives. Being in his 50s, the most important thing is keeping himself in good health and shape for his two beautiful girls and his next hunt.