Johnny Burford

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Johnny Burford


Johnny Burford was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. There was not much else for entertainment but the outdoors, so hunting quickly became his passion. Some of his favorite memories were sitting next to his father in a tree stand at the early age of 6. He loved feeling the suspense as he and his father watched the big whitetail buck or the gobbling turkey come into range.

After hearing so many stories of hunting elk out west, Johnny took his first back country bow elk hunt by traveling to Colorado at age 17. Although he didn't harvest an elk on the trip, he learned many important back country backpacking lessons, most importantly that hunting the West was the real deal and man was it tough! It was one of the toughest, but most rewarding things he had ever done.

Two years later, he packed his belongings and he moved to Montana for one reason and one reason only - to hunt elk! Since then, Johnny has harvested many DIY Montana bull elk, not to mention many other big game species. His knowledge of the Rocky Mountain terrain is very extensive, and he knows what it takes to thrive in extreme conditions and brutal territory. That's why he uses the best products available! Johnny's go-to broadhead is Trophy Taker's Ulmer Edge.