Rihana Cary

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Rihana Cary


 Rihana's passion for the outdoors started at a very young age, and with her husband’s help, that passion lead her to archery hunting. From the Coast Range, to the Blue Mountains, Rihana enjoys hunting Oregon blacktail, Roosevelt & Rocky Mountain elk, black bear, mule deer, and turkey, all of which bring a new dynamic to bowhunting. Not only has she been a successful archery hunter, she loves to cook the game she harvests, in new innovative ways. As an Ambassador for BowTech Archery Women, she enjoys passing on the hunting heritage to women and children of all ages. 

One of her favorite memories of 2014 was harvesting a 5-point Rocky Mountain bull with her Shuttle-T broadheads "Those animals are tough, and to have a complete pass through twice, makes me love my Shuttle-T's even more. To be confident in your archery gear is of the utmost importance, and I know I will never be let down by Trophy Takers products.”

Rihana lives in Eugene, Oregon with her hunting partner and husband Ty Cary, who is also a part of the Trophy Taker team. She is a part-time nurse, who shares her hunting adventures with everyone she meets.