Russell Payne

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Russell Payne


Russell lives in Huntsville, TX. He is 41 years old, is married, and the father of two beautiful girls.

Like most professional archers, Russell began shooting and competing at a very early age. After 26 years, his passion and excitement for the sport is just as strong as it was the very first time he picked up a bow. Many years ago, he was the archery tech at the local shop in his home town. He remembers spending many hours during his off time in the range practicing and perfecting his skills. This was also a time when much of our current technology was in its infancy, like the Fast Flight system, the all-laminated carbon limb, and the introduction of the all carbon arrow which are now the industry standard. With that said, all this did nothing but fuel his dream of becoming a professional archer. Russell remembers seeing posters on the wall of the archery lane with the top professional shooters of the time. That was a tremendous influence and constant force that pushed him to shoot his best, and never give up. Russell says his most memorable moment of his professional archery career was his first win as a pro in 2009 at the NFAA Indoor National Championships, in Louisville, Kentucky. When his last arrow of the shoot off hit its mark and sealed the win, he met his wife and strongest supporter on the range floor and said "I DID IT!"

"I've been involved in archery for many years and have installed numerous components of various brands and types. Whether it was for a customer, or for myself, none I have found can match the quality, durability, and simplicity of the Trophy Taker line of products. If you're hunting that trophy of a life time, or competing at the highest level of archery you can count on Trophy Taker."

Some of Russell's sponsors; Trophy Taker, Hoyt, Easton, Carter Enterprises, Sure Loc, Hardcore Bowstrings, Feather Vision, Competition Archery Products, Fuse, Classic Archery.


Career Highlights:

- 2011 and 2012 World Archery Festival Championship shoot-off with a 4th place finish in 2012
- 2009 NFAA National Indoor Champion (Pro Male Freestyle)-1st Place
- 2007 NFAA National Indoor Champion (Adult Male Freestyle)-1st Place
- 2007 IFAA North American Field Archery Championship, Houston, TX - 1st Place
- Numerous top ten finishes as well as Regional and State level record holder