Option 4s, 6s, & 8s Extra Sight Tapes - Each Sight Includes One Set

Option Archery sight tapes are designed specifically for the Option series of sights, but can be used on various brands of single pin sights. Provided with the sheets of adhesive backed sight tapes is also a pre-calibrated 'sight in' tape that assists in choosing the correct tape for the specific bow / arrow combination that is being shot. 

By shooting at 20 yards and 50 yards our 'sight in' tape will aid the archer in selecting the correct tape for the specific set-up. 58 sight tapes and 2 'sight in' tapes are included in the set.

The numbers and calibrations on the Option Archery bow sight tapes are printed in a large, bold font. This makes the numbers easier to see in various lighting conditions. Also, the tapes are printed on a very durable, fade and water resistant adhesive backed material to ensure that U.V. rays or a rain storm doesn't ruin the sight tape.

Note:  You are buying an EXTRA SET of sight tapes here.....one set is included with each new sight.






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