Replacement Quiver Adapter for 4s/6s/8s Model Option Sights (Included with standard mount Sights)

The 4s, 6s, and 8s Model Option Sights (with standard extension mount and direct mount) come with direct mount screws (10-24 X 1/2" Flathead Screws) that allow the sight to be mounted without a quiver adapter plate, and with a quiver adapter plate, standoffs, and long mount screws that can be used to mount the sight when you want to use a bow mounted quiver or Quivalizer.

If for any reason you need an extra set, that is what this is.  This Quiver Adapter set includes; (1) Quiver Adapter Plate, (2) Adapter Plate Standoffs, and (2) Long Attachment Screws. This set works with all Option Sight models, allowing the mounting of any one piece bow mounted quiver.

*NOTE:  When you purchase a Option Sight (with standard extension or direct mount), this mount is included.  Not included with Bridge-Lock or Pic Rail mount.  But can be used any time extra "stand-off" of your quiver mount is needed.

Collections: Option Archery Sights

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