(New 2019) Cache-Bar - Using Essential Gear to Take Bow Balance to the Next Level

Bow Stabilizer / Back-Bar System

The Cache-Bar is another "first to market" product from Option Archery.  Once again I am thinking a bit outside the box on this product, with the goal of a perfectly balanced hunting bow.  Traditional Stabilizers use steel weight strategically placed to balance the bow setup, my goal is to balance my hunting bows using predominantly the weight of items I carry with me anyway on my hunts.  The Cache-Bar is a machined aluminum system, the full kit includes a canister with thread-on lid, adjustable off-set bar, and the same superior quick detach system used on the Quivalizer.

Cache-Bar can be used as a back-bar or standard stablizer

(The Cache-Bar and Quivalizer can be combined to customize balance)

The Canister Portion is available in two sizes; 2.25" diameter X 5" long, and 2.25" diameter X 7" long.  Included is a fleece "roll-up" to insure that the gear stowed inside remains silent at, and deadens, the shot.  Anything that fits can be stored inside the Cache-Bar canister but I prefer to "cache" both my repair kit and survival gear in the canister on my personal hunting bows.  My Cache-Bar contains the following; knife, fire-starter, water purification tablets, water bag, cord, first aid items, extra battery(s) for rangefinder, allen wrenches, super glue, arrow rest spring, loop cord, serving, hunt license and tags, survival headlamp, etc.  Obviously this can be customized to fit your preferences.  My goal here is to have everything I need for a morning/evening hunt.....if all I remember is my bow, I have everything I absolutely need.

3 kit configurations are available; 

1. Full Kit includes the canister, offset bracket, and quick-detach components (same as the Quivalizer).  Full Kit Weight:  5" = 10 oz, 7" = 10.8 oz

2. Quick-Detach Kit includes just the quick-detach components and the canister.  Quick-Detach Kit Weight:  5" = 8.5 oz, 7" = 9.3 oz

3. Stabilizer Kit includes only the canister with a mounting stud (attaches directly to any standard stabilizer threaded hole).  Stabilizer Kit Weight:  5" = 6.4 oz, 7" = 7.2 oz

The Full Kit system allows you to easily adjust for any off-set angle desired, mount on either side of the riser to any standard threaded stabilizer mounting hole.   This system also allows you to utilize it as a back/sidebar with the Quivalizer in the front position, then when the Quivalizer is switched to the side of bow position, the Cache-Bar can be quickly moved to the front position (using the Quivalizer quick-detach mount) to maintain the balance of the bow in either position.

The Quick-Detach Kit allows you to use the Cache-Bar as a quickly detachable stabilizer, or attach to other back-bar or side-bar brackets on the market.

The Stabilizer Only Kit threads in just like any standard stabilizer and can be attached to any standard threaded stabilizer attach hole in a bow riser, as well as most other back-bar and side-bar mounts on the market.

Made right here in the USA, and has our full Lifetime Warranty


                            Dan Evans


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(Cache-Bar utilizes the same quick-detach as the Quivalizer)