Clarifier Peep Components


As a General Rule; the more the magnification of the lense you use in your sight the blurrier your target becomes.  This will clear up some as you decrease the size of the peep aperture, but for higher power lenses especially you will get the best sight picture by using a clarifier lense in the peep as well.

We stock Hamskea Insight Peeps for this purpose, the Insight Peep can be used with or without a lense installed.  Easily interchangeable apertures, and lenses make this system very versatile.

From the drop-down menu you can choose one of the kits we put together specifically for the Option Sights, or choose the specific components separately.

We stock both the Standard Insight Peep Housing, which features a dual angle option for different string angles.  And the Short Draw Insight Peep Housing, specifically for long axel to axel length bows, or short draw lengths (see chart below).

Apertures are available in the 3 most common sizes that work well with Option Sight housing dimensions; 5/32", 1/8", and 3/32"

Clarifier Lenses are available in a set, or separately;

Items for Insight Peep System include the Housing, Aperture, and Lenses, with a installation tool (can also use allen wrench).

Installing the Lense is very easy.

Always tie peeps in securely before shooting the bow, it is always a good idea to serve the strands of the string on either side of the peep to protect them from wear.  See example below;


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