Bow Stabilizer and Quiver - First Ever on the Market

Option Archery's aptly named Quivalizer™ reduces bow weight (QV-M 5 arrow model weighs only 11 oz.), improves bow balance, and increases bow stability while aiming at full draw. By combining the arrow quiver and the stabilizer into a single unit, the Quivalizer™ accomplishes something that has never been achieved with a single archery product. Duel position (no tools required) quick detach connections allow the Quivalizer™ to be used effectively in either the traditional bow quiver position (on the side of the bow) or in the shot dampening front stabilizer position! And as with all Option products, it is covered by our lifetime warranty.

In the standard bow quiver position, on the side of the bow, the Quivalizer™ is fully adjustable for a “tight to the bow” position. Besides being able to adjust vertically for arrow length variation, it is also a snap to adjust for rotation and both 2nd axis and 3rd axis, allowing almost unlimited adjustment to suit each individual bow setup. This arrow storage position is optimal for bow storage and bow transport, allowing any archery rig to fit easily in a standard bow case. By adding the Quivalizer to your current bowhunting kit, you give up nothing over any other arrow quiver... but you gain huge hunting accuracy advantages!

The Quivalizer can be attached quickly to the side of any bow

(QV-M Model Quivalizer pictured in "side of bow" position - for transport or shooting)

Obviously, using the Quivalizer™ in the front stabilizer position is what really sets it apart from anything previously seen in the archery market. It is no secret that top target archers and 3-D pros always shoot with a long stabilizer, the steady aim that results from using a longer stabilizer is undeniable and becomes especially helpful in circumstances where tournament nerves or buck fever start to enter the equation. Every day more archers all over the world are discovering what the Quivalizer does for hunting bow accuracy! No one ever said, “my hunting bow is too accurate”! The combination of lighter physical weight and increased down range performance is exactly what we each need as a bowhunter. Why Settle for anything less?