Bridge-Lock Specific Mount Bar for Option 4s/6s/8s Sight Models

Mathews Bridge-Lock Specific Mount Bar - For 4s/6s/8s Option Sight Models

This mount bar has the extra windage built right in, and features a nice fit with the bridge-lock riser thru mount.    This is the MOUNT BAR ONLY, not an entire sight.   The mount bar includes the micro-adjust knob (installed), and is ready to mount.   If you purchase this to replace one of our other mount systems, you will simply need to remove the elevation lockdown screw, swap the mounts, and re-install the elevation screw.  The Mathews V3X bows come with their own lock-down set screw, so just slide this mount into the Bridge-Lock thru-hole, and lock it in place with the set screw.

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