Canyon Pounder Sight Components - NOT COMPLETE SIGHTS

Collections: Option Archery Sights


Components of/for Canyon Pounder Sights can be purchased separately here;

1.  CPO Assemblies; (only the mount bar and vertical drive system for the CP).

2.  Replacement/Extra Pinguard assemblies; CP3Head, CP4Head, and CP5Head assemblies are the "front end" of the CP, purchasing just this part allows you to switch out the head of the sight for multiple pin configurations on the same sight.  These assemblies are the vertical adjust forward on the CP Sights.

3.  CP Mount Bars; can be purchased separately here; Extension Mount, Direct Mount, Bridge-Lock Extension, and Pic Rail.

4.  Other Accessories; the drop down menu also includes the bow mount block with lock-down knob, and the offset block for Bridge-Lock, as well as the optional 3rd axis bracket, and lock-down setscrew that can replace the knob.


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