NEW for 2018 - Quivalizer w/ Molded Hood and Carbon Tube - Available in Black, Tan, & OD Green

The Quivalizer is Bringing Target Precision to Hunting Camp


  • 5 arrow capacity
  • Carbon tube
  • CNC machined quick detach components
  • Molded adjustable hood, molded from high-impact glass filled nylon
  • Large hood accommodates all sizes of broadheads
  • Rubber hood insert provides quiet and secure broadhead containment 
  • Two stage arrow gripper, FITS EVEN MICRO DIAMETER ARROWS
  • No tools, quick detach (Front and Side Position) (Included)
  • Side position places the Quivalizer in standard upright quiver position
  • Total weight 11 ounces (including quick attach blocks)
  • Designed by Dan Evans, and patent protected
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA 

NOTE: Every Quivalizer Includes All Mounting Hardware and Both Quick Detach Mounts (for Front Position and Side of Bow Position) 

This model is the newest member of the Quivalizer family!  I took into account feedback from customers (as well as my own testing and experience in the field with the original Quivalizer models)......and this model is the result!  At only 11 ounces, this is the lightest Quivalizer model to date!  I think you will really like it!                                                                                                               (Dan Evans)

Quivalizer™ models reduce bow weight, improve bow balance and increase aiming stability by combining the quiver and the stabilizer into a single unit.  This has never been available on the market before!  No tools quick release connections allow the Quivalizer™ to be used like a one-piece quiver when attached to the side of the bow for storage, transport, or tight quarter shooting.... and allow it to be moved into the front "Stabilizer" shooting position in a matter of seconds. 

One look at a lineup of professional target shooters and it is no secret that a well-balanced bow with a longer stabilizer is more accurate than one without one. The Quivalizer™ addresses both issues by offering a longer than average stabilizer that helps store quiver and arrow weight on the correct side of the bow. At the same time, overall bow weight is noticeably reduced thanks to its lightweight design. 

The Quivalizer™ is easily converted from right to left hand, allows the arrows to be stored on either side of the stabilizer and offers left/right adjustment to fine tune your bow's balance at full draw. 

This Quivalizer Model definitely lives up to Option Archery's goal of "bringing target precision to hunting camp".

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