Quivalizer Arrow Grippers and Gripper Attach Block



These are the Arrow Grippers Only for all Quivalizer models.   This part is included on all new Quivalizers, the part listed here is just a replacement part in case you want an extra gripper, or want a different gripper option on your current quivalizer(s).   Both standard fixed position grippers and adjustable tension grippers are now available.  

The Standard Fixed Position Gripper features a two stage gripper, larger arrows are held in the first stage and small diameter arrows are pushed into the 2nd stage.  This gripper is available for the 5 arrow model Quivalizers only.

The Adjustable Tension Grippers (New for 2020) feature a slide adjustment to set the tension with which the gripper holds your arrows.   This gripper is available in both a 5 arrow model and 8 arrow model (New for 2020).

These Grippers are available in 3 colors; Black, Tan, and Green to match the Quivalizer color options.

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