Lense System for Canyon Pounder and 4s/6s Sight Models

Collections: Option Archery Sights


To install a magnifying lense on your round housing Option Sight model (models 4s, 6s, and Canyon Pounder) you need the following components;

1.  Lense Adapter (comes with the fasteners needed to mount to the pinguard on your sight).

2.  Lense Housing (this housing is a two-piece design that threads together, holding the lense between the two parts.  Then the complete housing threads into the Adapter - #1 above).

3.  Lenses (we offer 5 different magnifications including 2X-0.25 diopter, 3X-0.37 diopter, 4X-0.50 diopter, 5X-0.62 diopter, and 6X-0.75 diopter).   These Lenses are high-end "Vitri" glass lenses made by Feather Vision and utilize Zeiss glass and coatings.


Please choose the components you need from the drop down menu below.

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