Option Archery Sights

Bow Sights

Option Sights are Patented; designed specifically for the bowhunter and 3-D shooter who loves to shoot as accurately with his/her hunting bow as with a target specific rig.  The main feature that makes the Option Sight designs superior to all other bow sights is the ability to remove multiple sight pins from view, while leaving a single adjustable pin in view. 

Other archery sights available today fall into 3 categories; (1) fixed pin sights, (2) moveable pin sights, or (3) hybrid sights.  There has never been an archery bow sight that allows an Archer to have all the advantages of a multiple pin sight and a single pin sight…..in the same sight! 

Dan Evans designed the Option Sights to allow us to hunt with a fixed pin sight (which is a huge advantage in a quickly changing hunt scenario) then with a flick of the wrist quickly switch to a true single pin sight, which is recognized as the ultimate for pinpoint accuracy.
Never before have we, as bowhunters, had the option to enjoy all the advantages of a fixed pin sight and a single pin “slider sight” without setting up multiple bows. 

The Option advantage is having the distinct ability to shoot 3-D tournaments with a single pin sight, then taking the exact same bow setup hunting without changing anything!  Some hunt situations allow us time to range the animal and dial a single mover pin in for the exact yardage, but many times we don’t have time to adjust the sight or we can’t risk the extra movement!  Option Sights are designed specifically to address these situations.