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"I design the Option Archery products myself, feel free to e-mail me directly with any questions!"  (Dan Evans)

e-mail: dan@optionarchery.com

Option 4s & 6s Sights

Current Expected Lead Time to Ship: 1-3 Business Days

  5/30/23 Update: All Option 4s and 6s Sights Shipped after 5/29/23 have the new mover pin adjust knobs installed.......these knobs have a knurl finish similar to the adjustment knob(s) on the Canyon Pounder (see product images on this page).   If you would like to install these new knobs on your current Option 4/6/8 model sights, they can be purchased separately as well at this link:   

New Style Adjust Knobs for Option 4s/6s/8s Sight Models - Option Archery



Weight: 8.3-9.6 ounces (depending on mount).

Total Pin Travel: 1-1/8" - (Usually = 70-90 yds max)

Micro-Click-Adjust for windage and elevation. 

2nd and 3rd Axis adjustments - solid and strong.

Mounts: Extension, Direct, Bridge-Lock and Pic Rail. 

Standard Fixed Pin Configuration: 0.019" Fibers with colors:

4s Model has 3 fixed pins:  green, yellow, red,

6s Model = 5 fixed pins: green, yellow, red, green, yellow

Standard Mover Pin Configuration: 0.019" Green Fiber

Instruction Sheet:  Option Archery Sight Installation and Operation

Sight Pin Customization is Available:  Select "Sight Pin Customization - 4s/6s/8s Sight Models" from "related products" at the bottom of this page......follow the link to customize.


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