Weight Attach Screws for Stabilizers


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Option Stabilizer System

(Select complete stabilizers at this link: Stabilizers and Back-Bars)

Stabilizer Rods: (Select Rods at this link:  Stabilizer Rods) 

Same diameter carbon rods as we use for our Quivalizers, available in 3" increments (from 3" to 36").  Option Stabilizers can be used in our lever-lock quick detach mounts (same mount used for our Quivalizers) or can be used with standard 5/16-24 threaded stabilizer attach points on any bow.  

Stabilizer Weights: (Link: Stabilizer Weights) Our Weight System consists of custom 1/2 ounce brass "washers" that are 1/8" thick and can be stacked to create your desired total weight.  They easily attach with our attach screws.  Weight Attach Screws: Available in 5 lengths (1.5", 2.5", 3", 3.5", and 4") all standard lengths are available in blackened stainless, and we also have a brass attach screws (available in 0.75", 1", 1.25" and 1.5" only).

Doinker Dampener weighs 1.7 ounces and can be added to any weight stack.

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