Extra Sight Pins

Collections: Option Archery Sights


Fixed Pins: If you want extra fixed pins (more than the standard number), we recommend having us install them.  The best time to order the extra pin(s) is when you order your sight, but we can add extra pins at any time if you send your sight in.

Mover Pin Assemblies:  If you would like multiple mover pin configurations......you can order extras here.   These are easy to switch out, and this will allow you to have one configuration during the "off-season" and one for hunts, if that is your syle.

NOTE:  Our Sight Pins and Fibers are covered under warranty, so you don't need to purchase the pins here if you need something repaired.......this is just for adding extra pins, or if you want to have other "options" on hand for your mover pin.

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