(New 2024 Style) Machined Hood for Quivalizer

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(NEW Design for 2024) This is the 5 Arrow Machined HOOD and Broadhead Insert only; included are the 5 arrow machined aluminum hood and your choice of foam hood inserts (solid foam for fixed blade broadheads or perforated foam for expandables).  To see pictures of the foam inserts please look at the listing on the main Quivalizer page for replacement foam inserts.

New Design Features: this hood sllides over the carbon rod and locks in place with 4 lockdown screws...... AND it is much deeper than the previous model, with nearly 2.5" of broadhead coverage!  This will securly cover almost any broadhead on the market!

Note:  This is not a complete Quivalizer - it is just the New Style 5 Arrow Machined hood!

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