Quivalizer Installation and Adjustment

Quivalizer Installation and Adjustment

Here is our quick guide on how to set up and adjust your Option Archery Quivalizer. Included are installation and adjustment instructions that explain the use of the Quivalizer from start to finish.

1. Attach Front Mount (b) to the stabilizer mount hole in the front of your bow's riser, using the provided 5/16-24 flat head screw.

2. Arrow Gripper (d) is pre-installed to locate the arrows on the left side of the bow for a right-handed archer, and the right side for a left-handed archer. The Quivalizer works equally well with the arrows on either side of the bow (when in the front position), so this is a personal preference. The arrow gripper can be switched to the other side simply by loosening the arrow gripper adjustment screw (e) and flipping the gripper around, then tightening the screw again. This screw is also used to adjust the gripper left or right.

3. The Vertical Attach Block (n) can now be attached to the bow with screws (l) and washers (m). The cutouts in (n) allow for rotation adjustment to provide clearance with the arrow rest etc. This block is attached to the 10-24 threaded quiver attach holes present in most sights or quiver adapters supplied with sights.

4. Side Mount Rod Clamp (f) allows you to adjust for exact location and rotation when the Quivalizer is mounted in the "standard bow quiver" location on the side of the bow.

  • Adjusting vertical placement is adjusted by loosening the side mount adjustment screws (g) and sliding rod clamp (f) up or down the tube (h).
  • Adjusting how close the hood (g) is to the plane of the bow string to the riser is accomplished again with the adjustment screws (g), loosening them will allow you to pivot the dovetail plate on (f).
  • The Quivalizer can also be adjusted to place arrows very tight to the bow by rotating tube (h) within rod clamp (f) when screws (g) are loosened.

5. If you need to adjust the cam lever locking tension for either cam lever (a) or cam lever (i), simply loosen set screw (j) and adjust the tension screw (k). Snug down set screw (j) once you have the tension set.

Note: The Vertical Attach Block (n) can be mounted multiple ways, including rotating 180 degrees to put tube (h) toward the front of the bow instead of the back.

More Questions? Please don't hesitate to call the office at (406) 826-0603 or email us at info@optionarchery.com

Thank you for purchasing the only Quiver on the market that actually increases the accuracy of your hunting bow!

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