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Bringing Target Precision to Hunting Camp, this is our goal at Option Archery. Dan Evans is the founder and owner of Option. Dan started his first archery company (Trophy Taker) about 20 years ago with his first archery product design, which was the original fall-away arrow rest. After selling the Trophy Taker Brand in 2016, Dan kicked off the Option brand with his newest patented designs; the Quivalizer and the Option Sight. Dan is an engineer that draws on nearly 30 years of hardcore bowhunting and 3-D archery competition experience when designing archery products.

The Quivalizer is a unique stabilizer and bow quiver combined into one product unlike anything ever available on the market! By combining the stabilizer with the arrow quiver, the Quivalizer is effectively a vibration dampener, shot stabilizer, and sight picture optimizer. Weighing in at only 11 oz the new 2018 model Quivalizer doesn’t weigh any more than other arrow storage systems that attach to a compound bow, and it removes the need for a front stabilizer and side bar or v-bar system… effectively reducing over-all bow weight by as much as 2 pounds!

The main patented feature that makes the Option Sight design superior to all other bow sights is the ability to remove multiple sight pins from your view, while leaving a single pin in view. All other archery sights available today fall into 3 categories; (1) fixed pin sights, (2) moveable pin sights, or (3) hybrid sights. There has never been an archery bow sight that allows you to have all the advantages of a multiple pin sight and a single pin sight… in the same sight! Option’s design allows you to hunt with a multi-pin sight (which is a huge advantage in a quickly changing hunt scenario) then with a flick of your wrist quickly switch to a true one pin sight, which is recognized as the ultimate for pinpoint accuracy.